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According to the Greek Civil Code, the marriage is dissolved only after the issuance of a final Court Judgment. The Greek Courts have jurisdiction for the issuance of divorces in Greece involving the dissolution of a marriage if one of the spouses is a Greek citizen, if the spouses had their last common residency in Greece, or if the defendant in a divorce lawsuit has his/her permanent residency in Greece.


According to the Civil Code there are two different procedures for the issuance of a divorce in Greece: the uncontested divorce and the contested divorce. The procedure for the issuance of a consensual divorce before the Greek Courts is simpler compaired with the procedure of the contested divorce and the time required for its issuance is usually less. A necessary precondition in order to proceed with the issuance of an uncontested divorce in Greece is the agreement of the spouses to proceed jointly with the dissolution of a marriage through an uncontested divorce. Moreover, the spouses can file their petition for the dissolution of their marriage before the Court, only if the marriage has lasted for more than six months. In case that there are underage children, it is necessary according to the Civil Code that the spouses submit to the Court a written agreement regarding the custody of the children and the communication with the children.

Ask for our advice concerning the dissolution of a marriage and contact us for matters regarding:

  • Divorces (uncontested and contested).
  • Relations between the spouses from the marriage (cohabitation, family property, maintenance obligations).
  • Relations between parents and children (parental responsibility, child custody, parents’ contact with children, maintenance obligations).
  • Adoption (juvenile and adult).
  • Recognition of Divorce Orders in Greece.



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