Inheritance Law

Inheritance is the practice of passing on property, deeds, debts, rightsand obligations after the death of an individual.


There are two main categories in inheritance succession:

  • Succession by virtue of a testament (will), which can be of three legal forms: the handwritten will,the public will and the secret will
  • Succession by virtue of law, which is applied in cases that either there is no will, or the will has been claimed invalid. In that case the inheritors are organized by law in 6 ranks, each one of which excludes the next.


An heir is considered that has silently accepted the inheritance if not officially stated that he or she has renounced it within a 4 months period, this deadline elapsing from the time that the death of the deceased came to the knowledge of the inheritor. This deadline extends to 1 year for inheritors living permanently abroad, or if the deceased had his or her last residence abroad.


Please ask for our advice concerning the right of succession of your bequest and contact us tο:

  • draw up a will
  • be advised on tax issues
  • get support in case of a “gift inter vivos” to avoid high inheritance taxes.


We provide full support in order to ensure your inheritance rights.
To achieve this, we provide the following services:

  • Investigation of the property of the deceased.
  • Representation during the legal proceedings of issuing a certificate of inheritance.
  • Recognition of a certificate of inheritance issued abroad.
  • Support during the acceptance of inheritance before a notary.
  • Claim of inheritance rights.



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