Rent Law

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, having a skilled solicitor can be the key to protect your rights if you are involved in an eviction or rental property dispute.

With our experience resolving landlord and tenant problems, we take a hands-on approach helping clients protect their rights and achieve their goals.



Protect Your Tenant Rights

Many tenants involved in housing disputes feel helpless and lack the knowledge to enforce their rights. Our law office seeks to empower tenants by helping them understand their rights, regarding repairs, maintenance, safety concerns, unlawful evictions, security deposit refunds etc.


Representation for Landlords

Whether you own several properties or just one, we provide the counsel and representation you need when handling legal actions. We have experience representing landlords in eviction proceedings and other legal actions with tenants. We also provide legal counsel on lease agreements, evictions and other administrative concerns. Whatever the issue, we work quickly and efficiently to protect your rights and property investment.

Our services include both commercial lease as well as residence lease.



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It is our goal to provide first rate, tailor-made services to clients who want to safeguard their private wealth.

The use of modern forms of communication allows us to represent our clients in Kefalonia even though they may spend most of their time abroad or in other parts of Greece.


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